Welcome to Birsa Fun City

Birsa Fun City is an excellent water recreation paradise which appealing to people belonging to all age groups. Situated just 30 kilometers away from Jamshedpur on the Jamshedpur-Ghatsila road in heart of Galudih.

Birsa Fun City is definitely an ultimate and out of the world source of entertainment. Decorated by mermaids, Birsa Fun City is Jharkhand's largest water park extensively made of fiberglass. This water park is designed by Goa Based Company. Birsa Fun City is a rare combination of Modern Technology and traditionalist making it a kind of place for exhilarating thrills and funs. At Birsa Fun City, the water rides are not just dumped but each has the importance of giving thrill and challenge.

Corporate Culture

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Non-stop Fun

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Affordable Pricing

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Top-notch Food Service

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What We Offer

We offer a full package for a whole day entertainment in our water park, which includes water rides, fun park, rain dance, large wave pool, kids pool, restaurant, meeting hall and many more.

Planning for a thrilling weekend?

Birsa Fun City can give you an unforgettable summer holiday experience.